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    Série : Shin Seiki Evangelion / Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Titre : Armageddon
    Verse 1:
    How many times must we start again
    The creation of the world from beginning to end
    What will it take before we learn
    We gotta wake up now 'n' show some concern

    What will the future hold
    How many untold stories will be told
    Just what will the future bring
    How many species of birds will have a song to sing
    Man 'n' man can't even get on
    'N' man 'n' womans been at war for far too long
    Superior race all this black 'n' white vision
    Catholic. Muslim. There's too many religions
    Too much hatred too much greed
    Ignorant people pollute the air that we breathe
    We've gotta wake up now before it's much too late
    Hungry people need food on their plate
    People being killed for just a few pence
    Can you justify that 'cause it makes no sense to me
    You're growing up much too fast
    The destruction of mankind - how long will it last

    Verse 2:
    Perfect - that's what I'm striving to be
    The next best thing will do for me
    I do my best you disagree
    Holier - than - thou holier - than - me
    Commiting crimes with no remorse
    As good as gold now an evil force
    One word description is a dis
    You lick a boy down for his bag of cheese 'n' onion crisp
    And you don't even stop to think
    Whatever happened to the dinosaurs could make us all extinct

    I'm being judged by the clothes that I wear
    We gotta educate those with a grudge to bear
    But I'm content to a certain extent
    You're condemned for life it's too late to repent
    Inna - most beauty such a terrible waste
    Caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Verse 3:
    Be judged according to what you've done
    Live this life the next is a better one
    Eat the fruit from the tree of life
    'Cause if you live by the sword... you'll die by the knife
    How great and wonderful are your days
    How right and true are your ways...
    No more death, grief, crying or pain
    'Cause only the good things will remain...
    Heed my words 'cause what I'm saying is true
    Treat them exactly as they treated you -
    Wipe away the tears from your eyes
    Be proud, lift your head up - reach for the skys.

    Verse 4:
    Condemned for what you did to them
    Now see how quick they fall to worship him
    There's a place in my heart that makes me understand
    Prepared and ready like a bride dressed to meet her husband
    Treat life as a learning process
    I said turn right so you took a sharp left
    Wake up and we'll all sleep peacefully
    The sun shines but it still seems bleak to me
    You tell a lie and convince me it's the truth
    I'm well mannered yet you still call me uncouth
    I believe that there's got to be much more
    I hope I'm ready when death comes knockin' on my door
    Mabye tonight mabye as I sleep
    It can drive you mad if you think too deep
    But don't have a breakdown 'cause I called you a clown
    You threw a punch 'n' missed I killed you with a kiss
    What on earth will you do then
    The hour of your death amen
    'N' all the prejudice that I've sustained
    I know it sounds funny but I just can't stand the pain

    Six foot below
    Reap what you sow
    Grim without grief
    Sad without sorrow
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