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    Série : Ghost Sweeper Mikami
    Titre : It's Dead Easy ~Ghost Sweeper
    Tell you, what it costs, you oughta know.
    I may find you if you may find me.
    In these city lights playin' hide and seek with me.
    Sooner I will mean to intimidate you, then.
    I know people call me "Cool satirist".
    Make me wonder why I waste my time.
    In this hassled life I got to be a transphotic on.
    Will you make a pitiful sight with casual lies?

    * The technicolor, dignified life is based on unfairness.
    Not worth an hour's purchase.
    ** You will feel it fall behind.
    Wherever you're from I send you back with a kiss.
    Take my suggestion as you don't have no place to go.
    Nobody breaks my curse. Ghost Sweeper!

    Tell you what, it hurts, you oughta know.
    I can't recall all the names you are.
    In these city lights I work the spell on you.
    Later I will mean to leave you hungry there.
    You know people call me an uprooter.
    Make me wonder why it sounds so "d".
    In this decent life I got to be a major lady.
    If you wanna make my day I'm ready now.

    Repeat *
    Repeat **
    Repeat *
    Repeat **
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