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    Série : Aa! Megami-sama
    Titre : Love Lesson 3
    Too young to fall in love?
    I can't help but fall in love
    I don't think I'm breaking the rules for girls

    You don't remember the first time I talked to you
    Isn't that awful?
    You have to remind yourself of the manners for boys

    I want you
    Let's start the love lesson!
    Be more daring, step one, two
    Expect a big reaction
    Take all you've got and dive into the romance

    No matter how good your makeup is
    Your heart will not be captured
    I hope you'll understand the policies for girls

    The anticipation of a kiss, my heart feels like it's going to explode
    It's not something you get used to so easily
    Take this chance and show me your skill as a boy

    I miss you
    Don't stop the love lesson!
    Don't stop the dream, step one, two
    Don't worry about anyone's horn
    Let it all go and dive into the romance

    I want you
    Let's start the love lesson
    Be more daring, step one, two
    Expect a big reaction
    Take all you've got and dive into the romance
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